Sofias Galleri

Art of the northern soul

My name is Sofia Ohlsén. I was born in Uppsala in 1972 and grew up in Jämtland. For 20 years I have painted and worked with graphic design. The proximity to the Swedish mountains is perfect because the family loves snow, speed and skiing. I work as an artist in Sofias Gallery, Storgatan 34 in the center of Östersund. Here is the opportunity to see me paint where I always have open studio when I work.

Sustainable Art I paint with watermixable oil on canvas – inspired by our beautiful and fragile planet – the living natural ecosystem, soil, air, water and life. Therefore, it is obvious to keep up with the resources. The frames are self made of Swedish solid pine. I choose my buiseness with companies that has good environmental policy.


Welcome to Sofia Gallery if you have the roads past Östersund.
// Sofia Ohlsén